With the rise of 'she-sheds' currently giving the classic 'man cave' a run for its money, men and women up and down the  replica omega country are embracing the chance to reflect their need for a little 'me-time' in their home.

But what can we do to make our homes feel more like the sanctuaries we clearly crave? We've put together our top tips to help you create your own home haven.

Lay the groundwork

It's something you already know, but might not want to admit: you won't be able to fully relax in a space that needs a little TLC. Our number one tip for transforming your home into a place of relaxation just has to be a good deep clean. However, now that's over, let's get on to the good stuff!

Room to be

Many of us feel like 'me-time' is something we can only dream about, but your home can change your mind. Dedicate the interior decor in a certain room to relaxation by using pale colours on the walls and calming accessories. 

Simple and inexpensive ways to create a peaceful atmosphere include lighting candles with relaxing scents and combining luxurious fabrics and textures to create that feeling of opulence. Transform a stark chair with a faux-fur throw, make that sofa irresistible with an abundance of cushions, or refresh the look of the whole room by swapping out your window dressings for a blind or voile that lets in maximum light.

'Trick' yourself into feeling treated

Ever marvelled over how relaxed you feel just by being in a spa? Add a few spa-inspired touches to your bathroom and your nightly bathing or even face-washing routine instantly becomes a much more pampering experience.

Marble walls and flooring often feature in luxurious spas, as does a colour palette of serene shades: think calming creams, warming beiges and  replica watches opulent gold accents, with marble in stylish black or more traditional pale whites. Adding a chair to your bathroom will instantly make it feel more spa-like - a trick often employed by top interior designers.

The same logic can apply in the kitchen or dining room, where a few carefully-selected features can make you feel a little like you're treating yourself in a beautiful restaurant, every night of the week.

Statement lighting is the perfect choice - either as a decorative hanging pendant or table-top lamps. Take your cue from the styles that impress you most in restaurants - whether that's big, traditional-looking chandeliers or sleek, simple modern lighting that looks more like an art installation.

Make it yours

If you share your home, it can make a world of difference to have your own dedicated room - or even corner of a room - to make you feel more like you after a hard day! We'll leave it to you to decide whether you formally tell the rest of the household to keep out (!) but be sure to add the books, pampering products, wall art - anything you want that makes it feel like your space.

Your dedicated home haven can be tag heuer replica watches as simple as a beanbag and book stack, or as luxurious as a whole dressing room dedicated to making you feel cheap replica watch fabulous.

Your home is your place to unwind, so enjoy creating your perfect place to do just that

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