Nothing says clean, fresh and bright like the colour white. It's often overlooked in home décor however, as many of us think it's a little too boring or stark to use in our homes.

Well, we're here to show you that white can be calming, cosy, versatile and a really great way to add a feeling of space to your home. Read on to discover some of our favourite Replica Handbags ways to freshen up your home with white.

Mix it up

To keep a room with white walls from looking flat, add in some different textures. This creates a feeling of depth and character which is perfect for rooms decorated with paler shades. Think white, wooden photo frames of different shapes and sizes, textured cushions and cosy, thick blankets scattered onto sofas.

Don't be afraid to get creative and introduce some different materials into a room such as wood or metals like copper. Exposed wood works wonders when paired with a bright white background, creating the illusion of space whilst keeping a homely, welcoming feel.

Think about adding rustic accessories, or even a clothes rail exposed to add a chic, eclectic feel to a room. We love the bedroom seen here at Amara with its white wooden floorboards, exposed shelves and mixed textures.

Add an accent colour

If you find plain white a little too daunting, try adding an accent colour. Replica Balenciaga Handbags We added some yellow accessories to a kitchen with our Metro White tile, seen above, which uplifted the room and created a point of interest.

Using white for your main fixtures with an accent colour for accessories means you'll be able to mix and match items over time, changing the accent colour as often as you wish whilst keeping a clean and fresh look in the room.

Adding a splash of colour to a white room is also a fantastic way to make a room feel personal and reflective of other areas in your home. If you have a white kitchen with an adjoining grey living area for example, try adding some grey accessories or even grey grout in between your tiles to create a seamless feel from room to room.

Be brave

Many of us steer clear of white for fear of it looking dirty quite quickly. Whilst this might be true for some white upholstery, on other surfaces such as walls and floors it's relatively easy to keep clean and fake breitling watch maintain its brightness.

A completely white room might sound daunting, but it's the single best way to enhance the light and space in a room (minus knocking any walls down!). Be daring and paint all of your walls white at the start of your project and we guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised at the effect it has on the space. You can then build from there, bringing in as many white accessories, bright colours or natural textures as you wish, creating the perfect look for you and your home.

A blank, white canvas allows you to get really creative and stamp some personality to a space. It gives you a fresh, clean slate to do whatever you want with the room – even if it is just keeping everything white!

If you're looking for a quick update to your room rather than a complete overhaul, take a look at this article from Freshome about simple yet effective ways to introduce white into your breitling fake watches home.

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